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You curate. nujen will write.

Just keep doing you on Twitter. nujen will help you write a draft that resonates with your brand community.



Let nujen do all of the work, or have some control - it's your choice.

Train nujen

Train nujen

Share your story & make nujen-generated newsletters your own.

Edit, save & send

Edit, save & send

Edit, save & send

Easily edit & distribute your newsletter.

Send newsletters worth reading.

Quickly create on-brand newsletters your subscribers will love. Nurture and scale your brand community by giving your subscribers content they'll enjoy opening, reading, sharing, and engaging with.

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Brand Customization


Widen Reach


Improve ROI





Twitter's only the beginning.

The best source of content comes from community, and to each - their own digital home. This is why we plan to support the most commonly used platforms.


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